Welcome to the E-voicer website! See what citizens across the EU said on issues that will shape our future!

In an era defined by digital transformation and climate challenges that transcend national borders, your role, the role of citizens, is undergoing a profound evolution. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, individuals within their respective societies are experiencing a remarkable shift in power and responsibility. The digital age has not only expanded our access to information and communication but has also empowered us to engage in decision-making processes and hold our governments and institutions more accountable than ever before. This shift places citizens at the forefront of shaping our shared future, transcending geographical and political boundaries to address challenges that affect us all.

We, GLOBSEC, a Slovak headquartered think tank, together with our partners European Movement Ireland, IDM, Austria, and ELIAMEP, Greece, have joined forces to amplify your voices. We strive to engage, connect, and empower EU citizens and to give you an opportunity to influence policies not just in national capitals but also on European level. 

For four months, we opened a public e-discussion with EU citizens on the most urgent challenges we are facing today related to climate change and digital transformation: streamlining decarbonisation and managing the rise of artificial intelligence. We believe that citizens can play an important role in both topics, given the impact on our daily lives and our societies. On our platform, participants expressed their primal concerns as well as they proposed and voted for the solutions that they see as most effective and beneficial. 

While there are many ways to express opinions from social media to EU official channels, we committed ourselves to amplifying the voice of citizens and delivering their recommendations to those who should hear them. And we will report back here on their reactions and pledges!




Ensure More Renewable Sources of Energy and Reliable CRM Supply Chains

Make a cost-benefit analysis of various sources of renewable energy and support those which are most energy efficient for the geographical conditions of a particular country.

Intensify the extraction and/or recycling of critical raw materials needed for green technologies back in Europe.

Promote Circular Economy

Launch educational campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of recycling, emphasising the positive environmental impact and energy savings associated with the reuse of materials.

Launch educational campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of recycling, emphasising the positive environmental impact and energy savings associated with the reuse of materials.

Encourage more recycling of electronic waste and so contribute toward reducing European dependence on imports of critical raw materials.

Employ smart farming technologies to reduce water waste.

Invest in Green and Sustainable Transportation

Encourage the use of bicycles as an alternative to cars running on fossil fuels – this would not only reduce the traffic on roads but also bring health benefits to citizens.

Taking steps towards connecting all European capitals and other major cities through the network of pan-European trains.

Increase Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Promote renovations of households through public incentives and subsidies to provide increased energy efficiency and better insulation, so ensuring compliance with the EU energy efficiency targets.


Provide AI Guidelines

Ensure responsible and fair use of AI by encouraging states across the globe and international organisations to follow the EU example in establishing ethical AI guidelines and governance structures.

Ensure that AI systems provide explanations for their decisions or predictions to better understand the reasoning.

Strengthen Cyber Security

Encourage organisations to prioritise securing AI systems to protect sensitive data and prevent malicious attacks as they might become more common, especially in sensitive fields of work.

Invest in advanced threat detection technologies contributing to a more secure digital environment.

Reskill and Upskill the Labour Force

Enhance collaboration between academia and industry, facilitated by internship programs, for example, to ensure the practical relevance of educational programs.

Educate pupils and students about AI and how it can be implemented in everyday life in a safe and efficient way.

Promote the Use of AI in Everyday Life

Develop and deploy anti-cheating technologies specifically designed to detect and prevent AI-driven cheating, especially in writing essays.

Finance the public deployment of AI-powered health monitoring systems that can track vital signs, remind individuals to take medications, and alert caregivers in case of emergencies.

Reduce the Costs of Digital Transformation

Build strategic partnerships and ecosystems between the private sector and academia that facilitate innovation and collaboration.

Provide state funding to innovative start-ups to help them get on their feet.